Blessing Bags~ another way to give back

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Thanks to Brittaney for passing this along,

I saw this on pinterest today and thought it would a GREAT idea for all us couponers who get 100’s of travel size items, especially this time of year!!
These are called “Blessing Bags” they are a ziplock filled with items like: chap stick, tissues, toothbrush/paste, comb, soap, trail mix, granola bars, crackers, pack of gum, band aids, mouthwash, a dollar or two (maybe use coins, for phone calls) socks, gloves and maybe a $5 gift card to mcdonalds. maybe throw in a note of encouragement. This time of year there are people asking for help almost at every shopping corner, I never know who to believe or not, so these are GREAT because if someone truely is in need, they will be ever so grateful for these items!!! You could make 2 or 3 of these and just leave them in your car! 

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