Save On Grocery ~ How to find a specific coupon for the brand I want Q&A

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Question for the inbox ~ I have a question regarding coupons. I never seem to find coupons for the brands that I actually use. For example my son likes Lucky Charms cereal but I can’t ever find a coupon for this. What is the point of useless coupons? I can get tons of coupons but it’s for products I don’t use. Where am I not looking?

Answer ~ You will find that many of the coupons you get are not for products your family uses.  Just because you have a coupon for something does not mean you should use it.  Our goal in couponing is to get useful products to provide for our families at a price point that we are willing to pay.

First if you are looking for a specific coupon  to help you save on grocery’s, for example Lucky Charms, all you have to do it click on our Coupon Database  type in the key word or brand and if there is a coupon for that product this list will pull it up.  The list will show both printed coupons (from magazines, news papers) and printable coupon with the links right to the coupon that you can print now.  This is an easy way to match coupons with your specific needs.  Another place to look is the companies facebook or website, as many times they will have coupons there.

Here is the list of coupons that come up with I typed in Lucky Charms

Second be open to new brands when couponing and trying to save on grocery’s.  This does not mean to change your dietary guidelines or buy products you will not use.  But when you are open to new products you will normally be able to stock up at the lowest price point.  For example this month you might not find a sale to match with the Lucky Charms Coupon, but you may find that Chex cereal is less than $1.00 a box.   Maybe your kids will not eat it as plan cereal with milk.  But you can make lots of tasty treats with it  such as Trail mix, Chewy Chex Mix or Candy Cane Chex Mix here.


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