Seat Belt Pillow DIY~ Look What I Made

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Thanks to Living Life and Loving Every Second for passing along this DIY post for a seat belt pillow.  This is totally one of those “why didn’t I think or that” ideas.  Simple to make too!

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I am pretty sure EVERY mom has had those moments where you look back at your child in the car and their heads are in such a horrible position you just want to find a way to strap their heads upright so they can sleep more comfortable in the car….that brings me to this post and it was inspired by this Pin on Pintrest it was not a tutorial instead it was a store where you can buy one and I thought I could make this EASY and I DID!!!!!!!

1.Cut two 26″x6″ pieces of fleece

2.Cut six 9″ pieces of ribbon *make sure to burn the ends to prevent fray

3.You will zig zag stitch all the way around leaving an opening to stuff

4.Hand stitch the ribbon on and VOILA ENJOY!!


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  2. Love these DIY seat belt pillows. Especially that you can chose the design/color to match your taste is fantastic

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