Smores, Lighter Way to Satisfy a SweetTooth #Smores

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Smores, Lighter Way to Satisfy a SweetTooth

Who doesn’t love a smore?  My kids ask for them constantly but we don’t make them very often.  We usually do them over the fire pit maybe a couple times each summer, but they could eat them every day if I would let them! Not to mention, they aren’t exactly the healthiest snack in  the world.  Sometimes you just need a treat though, right?  These satisfy the craving, but the serving sizes are much smaller, and they are lighter than the original.  If you are craving the classic smore taste of summer, give these a try!

You will need:

graham crackers

large marshmallows

chocolate chips or chocolate candy coating

wax paper

easy smores, #thriftysnacks, #smores, #easysmores, #snacks, #chocolate, #marshmallow, #grahamcracker

Begin by crushing up a couple of graham crackers.  You don’t need very many, I used 3 and had a lot of crumbs left over.  Once they are crushed, place the crumbs in a small, shallow bowl that will be easy to dip in.

Melt some chocolate.  I started with 2 squares and got about 15 marshmallows out of it.  Holding the end of your marshmallow, dip the other end into the chocolate.  Let it drip off into your bowl.

easy smores, #smores, #thriftysnacks, #chocolate, #easysmores, #snacks,  #marshmallow, #grahamcracker

Then quickly dip it into your graham cracker crumbs.  Place it chocolate side up on wax paper to cool.  The chocolate will harden.

easy smores, #smores, #thriftysnacks, #chocolate, #easysmores, #marshmallow, #snacks, #grahamcracker

There you have it!  These would make great finger foods for a party or picnic, or use them as a party favor in a cute vellum bag!  For now, my kids are just eating them.  Store them in an airtight container and have them on hand when you have a craving or want to indulge a sweet tooth without the guilt!

easy smores, #smores, #thriftysnacks, #easysmores, #snacks, #chocolate, #marshmallow, #grahamcracker


  1. YUM!!! I love S’mores! I’m always trying to come up with an excuse to make

  2. Awesome thanks for the tips I appreciate it. I’m not a big can of milk but LOVE chocolate milk 🙂

  3. I feel your pain on the gestational diabetes. I had it, too. What a bummer when you’re pregnant & craving sweets! I made 6 peanut butter cookies a day (because I found a low carb recipe) & that’s what I looked forward to each day. When I wanted chocolate, I drank Atkins Chocolate Shakes (low carb). ~ Tonya (Congrats on your baby!!!).

  4. Oh me oh my my favorite dessert s’mores!!! Thanks to gestational diabetics it is something I have to wait 10 more weeks for 🙂

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