SNACKEEZ review – 2 in 1 Travel Snack Drink Cup

SNACKEEZ review – 2 in 1 Travel Snack Drink Cup

Watch our recorded Live Snackeez product review video below

snackeez cup, a cup with a snack holder build right in brilliant lowest price of the season perfect for travel sporting event or movie night

Have you heard of the Snackeez cup? I had never heard of them before, when they offered to send me one to see what I thought of them I figured I would see what they were all about. It came in the mail and my kids were beyond excited.  I guess they have commercials for them on tv, and my kids think they are the coolest thing in the world.  Bonus, I total scored Mom points and I didn’t even know it, lol.  The cup is a 2 in 1 Travel Snack Drink Cup it holds your snacks and your drink BOTH….come on you know this is brilliant!  The flip top lids makes for easy access to the snacks, but can also be snapped shut to keep them from spilling.

snackeez cup, a cup with a snack holder build right in brilliant lowest price of the season

ELEGIANT 500ml 2in1 Travel Snack Drink Cup Bottle Container Lid Straw for Adult Kids Cinema sport

  • The snack cup fits down into the drink cup with a good seal and a lid folds over the snack to prevent spilling. The long straw fits snugly into the container and has a cap on it, preventing most, but not all, liquid spillage.
  • This cup certainly is appealing to the eye, and the rubber non-slip grip material around the center provide excellent hold. The straw is just the right length and diameter to allow the user to get to all 16 ounces of fluids.
  • The top section is not difficult to install or remove, it just screws and unscrews from the bottom, and you have to take it off in order to fill the bottom with your drink of choice.
  • This snack&drink cup is the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution! The Snackeez travel cup has a clever design that lets you have a 16oz drink and hold your favorite snack all in one hand.
  • Seal your travel glass perfectly to keep snacks fresh and prevent spills. It will make your life become more comfortable and convenient.

Watch our recorded Live Snackeez product review

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  2. saves me so much time and my kids are much more independent by getting their snacks themselves

  3. My daughter is a new teacher and she would use it at school! U0001f602

  4. My 3 year old would love these!! I was scared he would spill it everywhere

  5. I have so many of these cups I buy the throw away ones for party’s with kids too.

  6. Yup, that is what I figured. I got one (different brand) from DG that didn’t leak at all… so that’s a no for me…

  7. My kids keep asking me for these…. I must see this, if they’re worth it…. kinda pricey for a cup

  8. My daughter loved hers, sadly she left it outside and the dog destroyed it. She would love another one!!

  9. My kids want them bad but was not sure for price. This is cool thank you

  10. I’m not sure that little girl is going to let you put that cup back until Christmas. Ha ha

  11. Two of the colors are under add ons and they won’t ship and pay at the same time …. Odd

  12. Can’t just win one. But for $4.99 I may have to just buy a few. !! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Until the clear o ring falls out of its groove-then its not the coolest cup anymore…just taking up space.

  14. The link for the cup you provided the one that is $4.99. They are not an actual snackezz cup correct? It’s looks like a generic brand? Is that what you reviewed? Are they the same as the snackeez?

  15. Ha ha. If you’re going to scream you have to go with dad. Ha ha. That’s our rule too!!

  16. If your kid’s already know what there gift is why not give it to them now. Just let them know the cup is one of there christmas gift.

  17. I got that cup for a birthday gift last year. I like the cup but i hate the straw. When you take a drink the drink has a hard time going through the straw.

  18. It’s hard for kids to understand when they have their favorite foods in front of them lol

  19. my granddaughter hailey wants me to comment, she loves it!!!!

  20. My son has a little one that we purchased awhile back and the snack lock won’t seal for me… U0001f611

  21. My kids want these but I didn’t want to pay the $10.00 price either. Love the colors!

  22. I have 3 boys and they absolutely love them!! Now that we finally got a baby girl I’m going to have to buy her a girlie one! Lol

  23. Thanks I just bought one. I think it would be great for us mom’s or working women to have on the go and fill it with healthy snacks..

  24. Hahahaha! you said “if you’re gonna scream you have to go with your Dad.”

  25. These are amazing!! I bought them and we took them on a field trip to the circus with my daycare kids. Not one of them dropped anything!!! Love these!!!

  26. Got mine! 2 of them for when we go to the movies..ssshh.. lol Thanks again. Love you tips and tricks!

  27. Coffee has mold which can cause migraines . Am allergic to mold, so only do a small amount!

  28. Just noticed a few of the colors are add on items only! Blue and red and yellow and blue are available for regular purchase though!

  29. Haha “mean mom” I get to look forward to that my little one not talking yet just babbled still U0001f609

  30. No food in rooms or anywhere else but the kitchen table. You aren’t mean lol

  31. Yep! The caffeine shinks your blood vessels, so they travel easier… But too much goes the other way and makes them so much worse!

  32. My youngest is 10. I sure could have used this when they were younger!

  33. If you ever do a review on a coffee pot, I’m in need of a thorough one. Your live videos are great.

  34. so these are listed as Elegiant not Snackeez brand. Do they seal as well as the Snackeez?

  35. I wonder if these would be allowed into a Major League Baseball game? Would be super convenient for my 1 year old.

  36. Drinking in the car means bathroom stops I have five little ones! Snacks are okay!

  37. Amazon prime is free for 2 months right now if you have Sprint . Even if you already have probe they will credit your Amazon account

  38. Thanks for the review! Been a little skeptical on whether or not to grab one of these U0001f62c

  39. Hey that’s all this baby eats of the trail mix too !!!! Lol.
    Have a Blessed Day !!!!

  40. Love them !!!! Look at those cute kiddos !!! Hi from The DeVito’s in Las Vegas , Nevada and the Grandbaby Amelia !!!

  41. Bought one years ago. I highly recommend if you have a little one who likes to snack in the car. Mine loved milk and apples in the snack compartment. The snack compartment is large enough to fit almost an entire large apple. I think I paid $14.99 for mine, but it really is well worth it for as much as what we are in the car.

  42. I saw a review on this by someone that does as seen on tv reviews… She showed that the drink would spill… Do u have that issue?

  43. My son has been asking for one but $10 was too much. Will order one today for $5. Yay. Thank you.

  44. I am currently assisting my grandchildren with your crescent rolls/dinner recipe.

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