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This is a comment I got on my blog yesterday,

Hope this does not come across offensive, I mean this in kindness but wanted to let you know of my frustrations. I’m all for using lots of coupons but when I went to target to get in on some of these deals, there were pretty much none left, which was a waste of my time and gas. People who buy multiple items need to think about the other people as well. I’m sorry but purchasing more than your family actually needs or wiping out the shelves is just not cool. Unless you are donating to a cause, like I said I’m all about getting a great deal but lets be respectful of others.

Last year the shelves were always well stocked because no one really knew about the good deals.  Now so many more people are using coupons that the stores are having a hard time keeping the items in stock.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that so many of you are saving your family money and getting good deals.  I have to admit that I get a little disappointed when I go only to find the shelves empty.   The stores in my area are just getting use to this huge new market in couponing.  My hope is, that they will learn to stock their stores better for these sales, being that I do not think  couponing  is a trend that is going away any time soon.

 I have done many posts on not clearing the shelf, you all know I encourage you to stock up on the items that are on sale.  BUT some stores stock better than others.  So think about this when you are loading your cart.  For example in my area is seems Target and Walgreen’s are quickly sold out of the “hot” items.  So this is not the best place to stock up , being that once the shelf is empty everyone else looses out on the good deal.  On the other hand my Caldwell Albertsons always seems to be on top of the “hot sale items” and they order in huge quantities for the sale. ( remember the mountain of post cereal)  They are happy to let you buy 20 bottles of BBQ sauce because they know they have a HUGE stockpile in the back.  They were not always this way, and not all Albertsons are.  They have learned to cater to the couponing trend, it works out well for the buyer and the seller.  I hope other stores will soon follow.
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