Something to THINK about!



Using coupons has become huge  lately.  I am thrilled that so many of you have learned tricks of the trade, and are saving your family money.  We should all be proud of shopping with coupons and doing it honestly. But I have been getting a few emails that are really bothering me lately.  Yesterday I got 2 emails telling me that the Sunday papers they bought, had all the coupons taken from them.  Two other readers have contacted me to tell me their coupon binders were stolen from the front of their shopping carts!  

My local managers are still having trouble with ladies coming in and clearing the shelf.  Taking everything the first day of the sale.  Or women yelling at cashiers in the store over coupons.  Others are using self check out to commit coupon fraud.  Some  stores can no longer accept coupons at self check out because of this.    I was very disturbed by all these comments.  Taking coupons from the store papers and not buying the papers IS stealing, and it makes all couponers look bad.  Once a negative feeling is put on couponing by the stores, it is hard to change their opinion.  SO PLEASE think about what you are doing.  

Now to the shelf clearing, I get just as excited as you do for a sale.  When it is a good sale I admit some times I have a hard time sleeping at night.  But here is a little secret, there will always, always be another sale. I choose to shop at the stores that stock well for the sales, they happily let you take a whole case of something because they are well stocked.  But not all stores stock well, keep that in mind.  Buy what your family needs but think of others.  For example last week I wanted to buy 2 cases of the taco bell refried beans.  I went to the store and they only had 12 cans left. I did not buy them that day.  Instead I talked to the store manager, told him about the great deal.  He said he would place an order that would come in a few days later, not only did he order my 2 cases he happily ordered 60 cases for all of you.   I love this store manager, because he welcomes coupons into his store, stocks well for the sales. Don’t get me wrong we will all make a few mistakes as we go, I know I have learned  a few things just since I started this blog.  Couponing is fun, I love it  but I am sad to see others maybe ruin something I love.

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