Special needs 3 sided toothbrush

Special needs 3 sided toothbrush

This Special needs 3 sided toothbrush is so smart! For kids with autism or other special needs. Brush every surface of the tooth at once, cuts down on brushing time and helps those with sensory issues.

Special needs 3 sided toothbrush

ORDER HERE–> bA1 Sensory – 3 Sided Autism Toothbrush for Special Needs Kids (Soft/Gentle) – Clinically Proven, Fun, Easy – Only 1 Minute

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN SUPERIOR – Want a 10x better brushing experience for your Autistic Child or Toddler? Caregivers and Dentists unanimously recommend 3-Sided Toothbrushes. 200% greater coverage per stroke cleans the WHOLE tooth (+ gums) FASTER with LESS struggle. Covers hard to reach places too, removing plaque and tartar + destroying gingivitis and tooth decay!
  • KIDS LOVE IT (seriously) – Yes, they really do as this kids orthodontist Wichita sugest. Seems far fetched we know. But it’s true and makes brushing WAY easier. bA1 Sensory 3 Sided Training Toothbrushes guide cleaning and encourage independence. Kids even ASK to brush their teeth like it’s a toy!
  • GENTLE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH – Gently stimulate and massage gums with safe, soft bristles (after ran in warm water) to stop sensory overload. Special expansion pleats allow bristles to adjust to different tooth widths. Excellent for those overly sensitive to brushing and orally defensive/have oral motor issues.
  • WE SELL “EASY” – As a special needs parent, you probably don’t have a lot of this. We’re here to help. Wrap around design + Auto 45-degree angle cleans the whole tooth (and gums) in 1 brushing stroke and gets where regular brushes can’t, and with less effort. It’s so effective it needs only 1 minute of brushing!
  • 100% HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – We know you love your autistic or special needs child to death, so buy the, the best. Our triple head brush is ergonomic, BPA Free, easy to grip and made in 1 sturdy piece. Braces friendly and includes a tongue scraper to freshen breath! Bristles are even sensitivity adjustable (warm water = softer bristles, cold = firmer) Get scrubbing!

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