Spiral Curlers set of 10 with hook 57% off, 2 days only ~ Easy ways to curl your hair

SPIRAL CURLERS, 10 CURLERS AND A HOOK, easy ways to curl your hair, Long hair style ideas

Spiral Curlers set of 10 with hook  57% off 2 days only (or till they sell out so HURRY). My sister uses these and loves them, I have wanted to pick some up and at this price I might just have to.

Extra long spiral curlers, work great on long or short hair. Get those perfect spiral curls with NO heat. They are super easy to use, do your entire head of hair in 5 minutes.

How do they work? While your hair is wet you take a 1 inch section of hair, slide the curler onto the hook through the slit; the hair is then pulled inside the curler with the hook. Once your hair is dry you slide the curler off and you have curls that last for days. Works great on all types of hair even super fine hard to curl hair. Sleep in them or blow dry. Once you try them you will be hooked. Perfect for dance and cheer, you can also put them in a pony tail! Curls that last and look great!


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  1. All you have to do is cut some type of material as long as your hair and do it the same way.much cheaper and does the same effect.

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