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While I was at Blissdom, I was able to meet a lot of fun company’s.  Redplum was doing a video contest asking people for frugal couponing tips.  With a small audience and a camera in my face, I told them my number one tip:  Was to start small, don’t get over whelmed trying to grab every deal.  Starts gathering and saving your weekly coupon inserts that come in Sundays Paper and wait to match them with a sale, for your maxim savings.

A few weeks later I found out I was picked as one of the winners, and was shipped a prize pack: a sturdy Redplum.com tote, a $100 restaurant.com gift card, and a $50.00 visa gift card. Boy was I surprised and excited!  I had a million things I wanted to do with my $50… but after a lot of thought I decided to “pay it forward” and see how I could it to  bless the lives of others.

I love to watch programs on TV, that show kindness to others and “Give back” in an extreme way. Weather it be a new house, car, dream vacation.  Or an undercover boss looking to make improvements amongst his company, or a millionaire writing checks to a good cause.  They all give me that “happy warm feeling” and inspire me to do more…. but let face it they also leave me feeling like a grain of sand on a beach and wondering what difference “little me” can really make?  What I forget is every little bit helps, and if we all give  or help a little, then together we can all make a big impact.

SO back to my $50 giftcard from Redplum,  I decided to pay it forward and use it to on the Post Cereal Sale at Albertsons a month ago and bought 94 boxes of cereal for $47.00.  We then were able to donate it to a local food pantry that does a back-pack program each week.  This program provides over 90 kids enough food for their whole family for the weekend, which they bring home in a backpack.  Yes my donation was far from extreme or news worthy…. but it did give me that warm fuzzy feeling.  And it was able to help 94 family’s and that is enough for me!

Thanks again Redplum for the prize pack that make this possible.

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