Stove Top Aromatic Recipes ~ Simple Christmas Gifts

Here are 2 aromatic recipes based on a recipe I received at my doorstep in a ziploc bag a couple of Christmas’ ago. I feel that this is a simple, homemade gift that by me was greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks Laura, this filled my home with a wonderful scent of Christmas and was a memorable gift.


  • Apple quartered
  • OR for a citrus scented one
    • use one half Orange
    • and a quarter Lime or Lemon and the same other ingredients
  • one Cinnamon stick
  • a few whole Cloves
  • a few bay leaves or one large one

Put all the ingredients you choose (either apple or citrus and you could add some like other spices such as anise) in a saucepan, fill with water to fill your pot and simmer on a medium low heat. Keep adding water as the water evaporates to fill your home with a wonderful odor and humidity to keep those nasal passages from drying out in the dry winter heat.

 I keep this on the stove for a few days and simmer again. When I feel it is no longer aromatic I throw it down the disposal.


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