Strawberry coconut fruit dip

Strawberry coconut fruit dip

This delicious Strawberry coconut fruit dip tastes amazing with fresh fruit. You will want to eat this all season long.

Strawberry coconut fruit dip

This mouthwatering strawberry coconut fruit dip is a refreshing treat to enjoy with your favorite sliced fruits. It goes well with anything from bananas to something more tropical like pineapple.


1 box (8 oz) cream cheese
1 tub lite Cool Whip thawed
1 tsp coconut extract
10 crushed strawberries

To crush your strawberries you can use a fork or potato masher in a bowl.

Whip your cream cheese with an electric mixer until smooth.
Add in the thawed Cool Whip, coconut extract and strawberries and mix until smooth.

Serve with sliced fruit. This tastes good with practically any fruit.

This dip is yummy to make for a summer snack, or to bring to a bbq or potluck and share. Be prepared for people to want the recipe!

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