Summer Fun Ideas for the Kids 6/15

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Going to the library. They have activities everyday all summer.
We get clear cups and water. We add food coloring with eye droppers and experiment creating and mixing new colors.


My twin 3 year old boys are fascinated with bugs, so we go for nature walks and they collect bugs into containers. We talk about the different kind of bugs and where they live, if they fly or crawl, what they eat, if they bite or not to make it educational. The hard part for them is letting them go. Then we look at the bug books and see if we can find the same ones they collected. They LOVE bugs! Such boys.
Heidi wilson
I joined the Kids Bowl Free on facebook. I should be getting coupons or vouchers (or something) for 2 games of bowling a day for the kids. Plus they have a discount package for the rest of the family to bowl also. If I remember correctly it’s about $25 for all summer. (The only thing else you pay for is the cost of shoes)

Plus as a child my grandmother had a collection of childcraft books by worldbook. It kept me busy for many many summers. I have taught my kids some of the thing like building forts from blankes to boxes. Making lifts for your feet out of coffee cans.

My kids are grown and the grandkids are over often. One of the things they enjoy doing here is paint my house. Let me explain….I give each child a paint brush and a pail of water and they paint to their hearts content. Has kept them busy for 2 hrs at a time.


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