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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Tips for Entertaining the kids”.  At the end of the month,

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Michele N

The thriftiest idea I have for the summer is my kids walk to the park for the free lunches that are provided to all kids ages 1-18. Before or after lunch they are allowed to play at the park for a while. Also, during the lunch time the parks & rec department provides a couple of volunteers with games and activities a couple times of month with balls & a parachute, soccer balls, footballs, they even bring vests to show the different teams. The oldest is going to be doing a 50 mile backpacking trip at the end of the summer, so we will probably also be going on a lot of walks.


Nicole V
I have a family child care center and the funnest thing we do and the kids would do it all day is, fill a couple buckets with water and get different paint brushes, rollers, sponges and clothes and we “paint” the toys, swing set and fence. They think it is so fun and they don’t even realizing they are cleaning at the same time!!


To organize our summer and get excited for upcoming events, I make a summer chart. One side has three calendar pages, with lessons, library activites, free movie days, various camps, etc. The other has a list of chores or simple things to do, with a different letter by each one. So…when it’s time to do chores, all I have to say is do A, F, N, etc. and it gets done! This seems to give a variety, so they’re not doing the same chore every day!


Sunshine Golson
My fav and the kids fav is the back yard camp out the kids help clean up the yard, then we pitch the tent, pull out the fire pit and roast hot dogs and marshmellows we even sing a little then when the sun goes down Dad takes over and sleeps out side with the kids, they tell ghost stories and make scary sounds all the while and this might be my favorite part I am inside sipping a glass of wine reading a good book and enjoying my quite night it is win win for everyone!!!!!!


Camille Douthit
My kids just started T-ball which is twice a week and we get to spend time during the week practicing for the next game. They will also be attending a terrific VBS, camping, playdates with friends at the park, and we just got a slip-n-slide for the backyard.

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