Summer Fun Ideas for the kids 6/22

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I fill a bucket with water and put large sponges in the bucket along with water guns. The kids can squeeze the water out from the sponges to get wet, have a “SpongeBob” toss or just play with water guns and refill them with water from the bucket. I have also DVRed a ton of movies these past few weeks, so we can pop some popcorn and watch movies from the TV. Cool summer fun!!
We will be swimming a lot!!!! We will also spend time at the library to do summer reading. Tomorrow we are going to try to bowl. That should be fun for all of us.
I love to take the kids during the summer to the kids museum for a more hands on learning experience. I also write up questions and then when we go to the zoo, state capital, a museum, or national park they have fun trying to find the answers. And it makes me happy that they are learning by having fun without knowing it


If most moms are like me, money is very tight. I don’t always have the money to pay for activities for kids, since I live on disability now. I am very lucky to have kids who are little troppers and understand this. I have found out that my kids love growing plants and vegetables. the easiest and cheapest idea I have found is letting my kids grow beans. All you need is beans, eveyone has beans. beans grow in any type of soil or dirt and really need no care at all. My 4 year old son loves watering his little plants everyday and watching them grow.
Rebecca Wycoff
My 5 year old nephew stays with my husband and I on the weekends. In the summer we spend a lot of time at our local zoo. It is free and most of the exhibits are interactive. There are tunnels to crawl through to get up and close with the river otters and the praire dogs. Also there is a petting zoo, a butterfly garden and an exhibit of animals froms Australia that you can walk through. There are also fountains that you can play in.
Water fun day. I buy an inexpensive water slide, turn on sprinklers, and we fill balloons with water. It keeps them cool and entertained for a couple hours.
I manage a website here at the National Council of Teachers of English called, . The site provides free lesson plans, interactive student materials and Web resources linked to ELA standards for classroom teachers. We also have a section on our site called “Parent & Afterschool Resources”, . Here we have activities that I feel would be a good answer to your question.

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