Summer Fun ideas for the kids 6/27

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In the summer we have several local fishing derby’s for kids from 1-16 years old that take place in our county. Everything is FREE for all the kids and they all receive a special t-shirt, goodie bags, and depending on the age groups they all receive a prize ex: fishing rods, tackle boxes, life jackets, different types of camping gear. Awards given for biggest fish, most fish caught. All food and drinks are free for kids and adults. They always have Ronald Mcdonald and Smoky the Bear for games and safety advice. All you do is show up and bring a fishing pole to use. The community gets donations to do these events to show you can have fun outdoors and say no to drugs also. Everyone loves these events from young and old.
Every summer our local library has a Summer Reading Program. Everything is totally free! The kids get to try new foods, play games, hear stories from around the world, watch new release movies, do arts and crafts and listen to great performances. All inside the cool library!
I bought my daughter mini gardening tools. Now while I am weeding, she plays happily in the dirt. We also like picnics in the park.
Hi, I have four wonderful kiddos, and we live in Oklahoma where it is very hot and humid and sometimes not safe to be outside. This is only our second summer here so this year Im trying to think of creative things to keep them happy. One idea I have geared towards my eight year old. She loves to help cook so were are going to find a lot of fun healthy recipes online or at the library and try them out together =)
When I was little I wrote my mom a list of things I would be sure to do when I was a mom… it said things like make gingerbread houses in the summer… build forts and sleep in them…. have an adventure everyday… have dessert before dinner… etc…. my mom recently found this list and gave it to me, so lately I have been trying to do just I vowed I would as a 5yr old! Be silly and spontaneous and ask your kids what they will do as a parent- it gives you great ideas on what they really wish they could be doing:)
We haven’t done this in several years, but when the kids were younger we would go on nature walks and take grocery sacks with us. We would pick up trash along the way. When they were little they loved the “hunt” and we were doing something good for the environment and the community.
We too do the Summer Reading Program at the library. I just discovered Tinkerbell magazine at my library and my daughter wanted to do the coloring and activity pages. We checked out the magazine and at home used my home business printer/scanner/copier to make scanned in copies and print them so DD can do the activities again and again! Plus then little brother can do them too. Today we’re going back for more free magazines and to see what else we can find!



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