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Pumpkins made out of Paperback Books ~ DIY Fall Decor


Fall is here, so that means it is time for one of my favorite DIY projects. Pumpkins made out of Paperback Books! These can be made out of outdated manuals, books missing pages, old romance novels that should never be read again lol. Or just grab some cheap paperback books at a yard sale or thrift store.

Do you have a few old paperback books laying around, maybe a few with missing pages … and you need some Fall Decorations?  Well I have the perfect solution for you!   Turn that old book into an adorable pumpkin!  Pumpkins made out of Paperback Books, from start to finish takes about 30 minutes and is rather simple.

Pumpkins made out of Paperback Books

You will need

  • Tree branch about 3 inches long for the stem
  • Ribbons or flowers in fall colors to decorate your pumpkin
  • Glue Dots or hot glue
  • Paperback Book 1 for a small pumpkin and 2 for a large pumpkin (I used 2)
  • scissors or cutting blade

Ok yes I know it goes against everything we have been taught to cut up a book…. If you are not willing to cut your own books just head to a yard sale or thrift store and you should be able it pick up a trashy romance novel for under $.25 and feel no guilt for cutting is up LOL.  If you want to make a large pumpkin you will need 2 books with about the same amount of pages.  If you want to make a small pumpkin use one book and cut both sides  from one book.  One out of the top and the other out of the bottom of the book.

Start out

Start out by making a pattern of “half a pumpkin” and draw it onto the back of your book.  Take 15-30 pages at a time and cut out the pumpkin shape.  If you get to many pages it becomes to hard to cut and takes longer… so fewer pages at a time is faster in the long run and looks nicer.  I used scissors but you could also use a cutting blade ( I just don’t trust myself with sharp objects lol)

Once you have  both of your books cut out (or two parts of the same book if you are doing a small pumpkin) trim up any pages that are larger than the rest.

Line them up

Line up the two book spines back to back… you will want to keep the spines open or free from glue so you can push your stem in.  I used Glue Dots to glue the two books together.  I did cut the covers down a bit so any color would not show.  Glue your too covers together on both sides…. then glue a page over the covers so you see a printed page not a black cover when your pumpkin is on display.

Wedge your stem into the spine of the book, add ribbons and flowers and you are DONE!

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Easy Thanksgiving Sign… fun project to do on a chilly  Fall day!

Easy Thanksgiving sign, #easycraft, #craft, #fallcraft, #fall, #thanksgiving, #thanksgivingcraft, #thriftycraft, #thriftycraftideas, #vinyl, #vinylcrafts, #vinylsign

Easy Thanksgiving Sign

I think Thanksgiving sometimes gets lost in the shuffle between Halloween and all of the fun there and Christmas and all the festivity with the Christmas season.  I for one love the fall season and colors so I enjoy decorating and bringing that into my home as long as possible!

This year I really do love gold.  I love the warmth it adds to the oranges, reds and browns.  It is so beautiful.

For this craft you will need

a piece of wood

paint of choice

vinyl of choice

Begin by choosing the size for your wood board.  Mine was 14×11.  Sand it and then paint your color of choice.  Now distress if desired.  I chose not to for this particular piece because I felt like the gold needed the glamour of clean paint.

I then cut out my vinyl with my Silhouette cutting machine.  I love this baby and use it all of the time!  I used gold oracal vinyl and after I created my vinyl, I arranged the letters to fit them all on a 9×12 sheet of vinyl.  I don’t like wasting any!

Easy Thanksgiving sign, #easycraft, #craft, #fallcraft, #fall, #thanksgiving, #thriftycraft, #thanksgivingcraft, #thriftycraftideas, #vinylcrafts, #vinyl, #vinylsign

I used my transfer tape and applied my vinyl to the board after letting it dry for a day.  I love the way that it turned out!  The gold is very classy and stands out against the white beautifully!

Easy Thanksgiving sign, #easycraft, #craft, #fallcraft, #fall, #thanksgiving, #thriftycraft, #thanksgivingcraft, #thriftycraftideas, #vinyl, #vinylcrafts, #vinylsign

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Friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #diy, #yarn, #loom, #bracelet, #diy, #friendshipbracelet

Friendship Bracelet~ Easy DIY

Friendship bracelets are always fun.  Kids of all ages love getting them, and receiving them.  My 10 year old was so excited to share this tutorial.  She recently learned how to make these easy bracelets, and loves it.

You will need:



Cardboard (lightweight: cereal boxes, 12 pack soda boxes both work great)

To begin, you are going to cut your loom out of cardboard.  make a 3 inch circle, and then cut a small hole in the middle.  (a hole punch is the perfect size if you have one that will reach into the center of your circle).  Now cut 8 small lines around the outer edge of your loom.  They don’t have to be perfectly spaced, but you don’t want them all next to each other either.  Cut them like this:

friendship bracelet, #kidcraft, #craft, #yarn, #diy, #kids, #loom, #braclet, #tutorial

Now cut 7 lengths of yarn.  Make them about 1 ft long.  Put your yarn together, put through the hole in the center of your loom, and then tie them together in a  knot on one end.

friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #diy, #yarn, #bracelet, #kids, #loom, #makeyourself

Once you have them in a knot, slide your knot so it is touching the loom and the strings are hanging on the other side.  Make sense?  Take each string and slide them into a slot on your loom like this:

friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #diy, #bracelet, #kids, #fun, #craft

You want the yarn to be in firmly, but don’t pull too tight and rip your loom.

You will have one empty slot in your loom.  Put it at the top, like the 12 on a clock.  Now count down 3 slots clockwise from that empty slot, grab that length of yarn, and slide it into the empty slot at 12 o’clock.

friendship bracelet, #diy,#kids, #bracelet, #friendship, #gift, #yarn, #craft, #jewelry

Once the string in slot 3 has been moved up to the empty slot, rotate your loom so that the new empty slot is at the top.  Repeat that step by counting 3 down and moving the string to the empty spot.  Continue doing so, while occasionally checking your hanging yarn lengths to make sure they are not tangled.  Also remember to keep it tight to get a neater looking bracelet.

friendship bracelet, #diy, #bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #bracelet, #friendshipbracelet

Once you have created the bracelet the length you want, remove it from the loom.  Tie a knot in the end of the bracelet that you just removed from your loom. Measure a finger width from your new knot and knot again, leaving a space in between the knots.

friendship bracelet, #diy, #bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #friendshipbracelet, #loom

Trim your ends and you are done.  To put the bracelet on, take the space between the 2 knots you just made and slip the knot at the other end in between these 2 knots.

friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #diy, #yarn, #bracelet, #friendshipbracelet, #loom, #jewelry

There you go!  An easy activity your kid can do and feel the rewards of creating something unique and fun!

friendship bracelet, #diy, #bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #friendshipbracelet, #loom, #kids

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kindergarten graduation snacks ~ healthy and fun, #healthysnacks, #easysnacks, #kindergarten, #graduationsnack, #graduation, #easycrafts, #easysnacks

Kindergarten Graduation Snacks ~ Healthy and Fun!

Do you have a kindergartener this year?  I do, and wanted to provide a snack for his graduation party.  I don’t know about your child’s class, but I think most of them get plenty of sugary treats during their parties!  That is fine, but why not have something cute, and at least somewhat healthy too?!

You will need:

Fruit cups or applesauce cups

4×4 inch card stock squares (1 per cup)

googly eyes

glue stick

Sharpie (optional)

bakers twine, thin strips of paper, or ribbon

kindergarten graduation snacks ~ healthy and fun, #healthysnacks, #easysnacks, #graduation, #kindergarten, #graduationsnack, #easycrafts, #easysnacks

Begin by cutting your squares of paper into 4×4 squares.

Then, Turn your fruit cup upside down and glue the square to the bottom of the cup.  The thin plastic to open it should now be on the bottom.  Once that is glued onto the bottom of the cup, glue the googly eyes.  I found they stayed on fine with normal glue stick, but if your fruit cup is textured or more round then mine, a hot glue gun may work better.  Glue the eyes on and draw a face with your sharpie if you desire.

Now, cut three strips (per cup) of bakers twine, ribbon, or even of paper.  Tie them in a small knot at the top and glue them to the top of your graduation cap. (The square you glued on first)

Feel free to write something on the top, or leave it plain!  Would work for any graduate.  Would also make a fun addition to a gift basket of supplies for the high school graduate that is headed to college.  I provided some links above for the products on Amazon, why not order them now and be ready to make them when the time comes?

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