Temporary Hair Pastel Chalk Beauty Kit ~ tween or teen gift idea

hair chalk, lots of colors ot pick from. perfect tween or teen gift for Christmas

If you have a tween or teen in your home there is a good chance you have heard of hair chalk.  My girls think it is the best thing ever.  I do not let them wear it to school, but I will let them play with it when they play “dress up” or “makeup shop”  it washes right out with shampoo and they have a ball with it.  Please note on light hair the colors will last a bit longer and might take a few washes for the color to come out all the way.

Neon!!! Hair Shimmer Chalks Set of 6 Colors | Lasts up to 3 Days | Gypsy Stix Hues Works in All Hair Colors

Colors DIY Painting Non-toxic Temporary Pastel Hair Color Dye Chalk

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk-Set of 6 Colors


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  1. Is hair chalk any different than pastel chalks? They look the same, and are probably cheaper.

  2. we thought it would be good way of coloring, but because it is so dry, it really makes the hair brittle and hard

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