Thank a Vet – Young or old, or passed

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I personally want to thank one of my great great great ….uncles Martin Loyer who served in the Civil War. Also My moms dad Joseph Lyons who served in WW2. We do not know much about what he did out side of being in the infantry. And also my grandfather on my dads side, Charles Barrand, who served in tanks under the great General Patton. He was there in the beginning of WW2 when Patton invaded North Africa. Grandfather Barrand went on with him in his tank up through Africa, Italy and then on into Eastern France with Patton. There while fighting he blew out both knees in his tank and returned home a wounded vet and spent months in an Army hospital.

With out these men who served we would not have the luxury we do today. If you think we have the internet because we are smart – that may be the case but with out the freedom and protection that these men and women provided we would not of been able to focus on other things out side of War. And remember that many things were created through science of protecting our troops during war.

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Sites to remember those who have fallen:

A teen with his own money set up to protect those buried at the Arlington National Cemetery. After it became known that the cemetery had mixed up and lost many records with miss management and ignorance and two leading officers lost jobs there due to this terrible issue. So Richard P. Gilleland, III started his website that has categorized many of the graves and is searchable. This not only is great to remember those who have fallen but also helps with genealogy which is another way to remember those who have past on.

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