Thanksgiving Craft For Kids ~ Paper Turkeys

 I posted this project 3 years ago… but stumbled across the link yesterday and thought I would post it again for anyone looking for a fun, low cost kid craft idea.   You can make these into cards instead of candy boxes.


Right after Halloween I was able to get 15 boxes of Dots on clearance for .33 cents each.  I know some of  you thought I was crazy buying that many, but I knew I wanted to use them for my sons birthday party.  I was able to use my thrifty find, to make a cute craft project.  It was a total hit with the kids, and they were all so proud of their little turkeys.


Start out with a box of dots or any other candy.


Cover it with a tan sheet of card stock


I then used my Stampin Up punches to cut out;

  • a large circle for the head
  • 2 small circles for the eyes, and a hole punch for the eye middle
  • a square for the beak
  • round scallop circles for the turkey feathers


Fold the square to make a beak, and use the circles for eyes


Glue the head to the bottom of the box


Fold the scallops circles into a “V” shape


Glue the back part of the “V”


Glue them above the Turkey head


I had all the shapes pre cut for the kids, they had a blast making them!

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