That day my husband bought $16 in Bologna


Just a little peek at our lives playing out on social media this weekend…

My husband comes home all excited to try a new recipe for dinner tomorrow. Marinated and grilled Bologna steaks, topped with homemade coleslaw. He even had 1 inch steaks cut from the deli at Albertsons …. Ummmmm if I’m going to come home with $16 in meat I can guarantee you it ain’t going to be Bologna. I found this both irritating and hilarious all at the same time. Yet another reason I love my quirky guy I get to call my husband, he keeps life interesting. #grossrecipes #weresthebeef#wholooksupbolognarecipes#whyguysshouldnotusepinterest #family

bolognaJust in case any of you wanted to know how the Bologna steak sandwich turned out (yes the $16 mistake in my mind lol).¬†I Made sure to have lots of sides in an effort to try and save my kids in case it was disgusting, that way there was something to eat. BUT we ended up not needing them. ¬†Shocking they where actually kinda good ( and I don’t even like Bologna) the marinade was good and the BBQ made the edges nice and crisp. We did cut the 1 inch in half so it was only 1/2 inch instead…… I don’t plan to put it on our regular menu, but it was better than I expected. 3 of my kids asked for 2nds. After they got brave enough to taste it the first time.



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