Groundhog Day Pudding Cup Snacks

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Groundhog Day Pudding Cup Snacks

Groundhog day is February 2nd, which will be here before you know it!  I don’t know about you, but I am really hoping we don’t end up with that extra six weeks of winter he always predicts this year!   Groundhog day falls on a Sunday this year, so wouldn’t these cute little pudding cups be perfect for a Sunday night dessert?

What you will need:

Instant chocolate pudding

Milk (to mix the pudding)

plastic cups (the ones I used were 20 oz)

Nutter butter cookies

Mini chocolate chips

Chocolate graham crackers

Icing (to stick on the chocolate chips)

groundhog day pudding cups,#groundhog, #groundhogday, #nutterbutter, #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #thriftysnacks

Begin by preparing your pudding so it can set.  I used a large box and got 5 cups 2/3 full out of it.  Let that set in the fridge.

Crush some chocolate graham crackers in a baggie so they are finely crushed.  Set aside.

With your icing (I bought a tiny tube of white for this but somehow it didn’t make it home with me so I had to use what I had on hand which was red.) put 2 small dots on top of the nutter butter for the ears and 2 on the front for the eyes.  Place a mini chocolate chip on each of those spots.

groundhog day pudding cups, #nutterbutter,#groundhogday, #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog, #thriftysnacks

Now your pudding should be set up.  Scoop it into your clear cups.  Leave room at the top for the “dirt” (or graham cracker crumbs).  If you drip any or get it on the side, just wipe it up with a napkin to make it look nice.  Now sprinkle with a good helping of crackers for your dirt.

groundhog day pudding cups, #groundhogday, , #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog,#nutterbutter #thriftysnacks

Its time to place your groundhog in the ground.  Push him down so just his head is peeking up above the ground.

groundhog day pudding cups, #groundhogday,#pudding, , #holidaytreats, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog,#nutterbutter #thriftysnacks

That’s it!  So, did he see his shadow?  I don’t think he had time to at our house before the poor little guy got eaten up!  This was a great dessert for the kids to help make also and was a fun project for all of us!

groundhog day pudding cups, #groundhogday, #nutterbutter, #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog, #thriftysnacks


  1. Kids will get a real kick out of them too. Adults as well. In fact, I want one of them now. 🙂

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