The Beebo – Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder

The Beebo - Free Hand Baby Bottle HolderThe Beebo – Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder. (Orange)

Gives you a free hand while you feed baby! $39.95 + shipping (prices change often and without notice, so please verify price before you purchase)

  • Free hand bottle holder
  • Multi task while you feed
  • A helping hand, when you need it most

The Beebo - Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder1The Beebo is EASY to use: Simply place it over either shoulder, insert your baby’s bottle, and rotate to the desired feeding angle. You can even rotate the bottle up (vertical) and out of the way for burping or play time. The Beebo is made out of high quality, baby safe materials and is: BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalates Free and Lead Free. The Beebo – A better way to bottle feed.

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15 thoughts on “The Beebo – Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder”

  1. Deborah Hornsby Slaughter

    Looks like a winner to me. They always come out with cool stuff for babies, now, when my son is full grown!! lol

  2. Angela Cannistraci

    If it can be used in a car, I’m in! I’m surprised no one invented a bottle prop for car seats since they sit up so forward now

  3. Donna Giblin

    All of us could not breast feed….why even comment like that? Totally unnecessary.

  4. Donna Giblin

    As I was looking at this and thinking it was a great idea I said outloud “I can’t wait to see all of the posts from people who say “”a mother should be holding their baby’s bottle””. Come on people, once in a while this would be great!!!

  5. Shandra Mueller

    The guy who invented t said it was because his baby would fuss unless he was being read to. That’s one instance where I could understand it. It’s really hard to hold some books open and hold a bottle at the same time. Of course, moms are talented like that. 😉

  6. Susan Clason Murray

    It resembles a third boob, complete with a weird side nipple. Seriously, though, it would’ve been nice to have once in awhile.

  7. Prop baby up and use a rolled up blanket. For annder child. Mama should hold younger ones.

  8. Sherri Kidwell

    It’s designed so that you can feed your baby And read or soothe them at the same time

  9. Boy how many times could this have come in handy, and yes, all puns intended lol.

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