The benefits of drinking citrus water

The benefits of drinking citrus water

We all know that we should be drinking water. A lot of it. Water is the most essential thing our body needs, and most of us are not getting enough. Why not add extra benefits to your water while you are at it? I’m going to tell you how to make your own and some of the benefits of drinking citrus water.

Water is my favorite drink, but I have to have it ice cold for me to drink it. But even though I love water, it gets boring sometimes. Adding fruits and veggies (like cucumbers) gives it some flavor without adding all the sugar or additives of soda and other beverages. Not only does adding fruit to my water help me drink more, I am also getting the benefits of the fruit I add. It is a win-win!

You will need:
1 orange
1 lemon
1 lime


Slice each of the fruits and add half of them in the bottom of your large mason jar/drinking glass/water bottle.

Add in some ice.

Add remaining fruit slices.

Pour cold water over ice and fruit. 


Now lets talk about WHY you want to be drinking citrus water
-All citrus fruits are good for your heart.

-oranges can help lower cholesterol because of its soluble fiber

– Oranges and lemons can help prevent kidney stones

-lemons help restore ph levels in the body

-Lemons help fight flu and colds, thanks to its level of vitamin C and flavonoids

-lemons help lower high blood pressure

-lemons have antibacterial properties

-Post menopausal women especially can benefit from limes because of the amounts of calcium and folate in them.

– limes help rejuvenate the skin

-Water with citrus fruits helps to flush out toxins from your body.

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