How to Drink More Water

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How to Drink More Water

Thristy? You’re probably already dehydrated. For me (Katie) it’s so easy to forget about drinking water and end up dehydrated. When I get dehydrated I usually am tired, get headaches more easily, and my skin feels dry. So here are my tips on How to Drink More Water for a happier healthier you.

  1. Get yourself a water bottle. I like the water bottles with straws, like these, simply because I drink more when I’m using a straw. But if you prefer a wide mouth get one of those. I like both plastic and stainless steel. Whichever you prefer get one you like and that’s leak-proof!
  2. Add flavor! There’s flavored water drops, or you can add fresh fruit. I like a lime slice or some cucumbers for subtle flavor.
  3. Keep it with you. This is why you need a water bottle you like that leak-proof. You can’t get hydrated or drink more water if you don’t have it with you.
  4. Drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up. I always have a better start when I drink some water in the morning. I often tell my kids to have a drink of water too when they wake up to help with a scratchy throat from dry air, head aches, and whatever minor ailment might be keeping them in their beds and not getting ready for school, lol. If you don’t like drinking tap water, consider getting a water filter. Before you purchase one, it’s important to do proper research by reading this Tyent Uce 11 review to see if this is something you’d be willing to spend money on.
  5. Drink lots of water after a workout. If you’re active and you sweat more. Replace that with more water!
  6. Have a glass of water when you’re hungry. If I’m hungry and it’s not time for a meal, I drink a glass of water. It helps with boredom eating and keeps me from snacking too much.
  7. Set a schedule. You can set reminders on your phone. If you’re at work every time you answer the phone take a drink or whatever fits in with your job.
  8. Set a goal. We each have different bodies and how much water I need is different from a nursing mother or a man or a kid. So if you’re trying to figure out how much water you need talk your doctor. I go by the color of my urine. If my urine is light straw colored to almost clear I know I’m doing good with drinking water.
  9. Order water when you go out to eat. It’s fun to get a soda or drink when you’re out to dinner. So if you want to get a non-water drink go ahead, but order a water too. And drink all of the water during your dinner.
  10. Switch it up If you drink soda and can’t give it up, still have your soda, but keep a water next to it. Don’t get more soda until you have finished at least a glass of water.

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