The First Bike Ride, The Courage To Keep Going ~ Mommy Moments

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This week something VERY exciting happened at our house.  My oldest son Matthew learned to ride his bike without training wheels.   I have told you before about his story and how he was born missing half his heart (Hyhoplastic Left Heart Syndrome)  and his long journey to becoming where he is today.  I still remember the first time he scooted down the street on his tricycle and the huge smile on his face.  Many of the other kids his age were already riding “big bikes” but he was to small and weak to ride one.  I never thought I would see the day he would be able to have the energy, balance and coordination to ride his very own big boy bike.

Learning to ride a bike is a huge milestone for any child… but when you have had SO MANY challenges in your path it is so much sweeter. I could not stop smiling, I am SO PROUD of my little fighter…. he never gives up!

It’s Matt – So I moved the cars that day so they could ride in the driveway – as I was busy working on a project and lil Matthew says “hey dad look I’m riding my bike”- I casually looked and said yeah that’s great – busy with my project. While I grabbed something I thought WAIT that’s not his normal little bike and my head shot over and saw him riding around the driveway with no training wheels! I ran in and told Sarah she had to see this; she was busy with dinner. As I grabbed the video camera and said “No – you need to see this!” . We were so proud that day — as if our boy was the only one in the world who could do that. When he was born we didn’t even think he would make it this far! I am also planning to buy a new bike like an Aventon ebike which fits both my needs and my style.

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