The iPotty ~ Brilliant or Ridiculous?

The iPotty



 When I first saw this I just couldn’t believe it. I don’t know if this is brilliant or lazy? Check it out and let us know what you think of the iPotty… Some of the reviews are pretty funny too.

CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad 

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  1. too silly – give your kids a book if they need to be entertained on the potty.

  2. I think this is an awesome idea. I know I take my phone in and play games or whatever. This way they can take their time.

  3. Crazy. My 7 year old son only recently started playing games on the cell phone. He monitor what he plays and for how long. We do not own an Ipad, tablet, portable DVD player and XBox. Our son goes outside every day after school and on off days and plays with the dog or his toys. He reads books or make believe in the house. When he isn’t in school he isn’t on our computer either. We want our son to be a child and learn how to do things without technology such as math. When he was in first grade they were told to do their math with a calculator. I told sorry Charlie we do it the old fashion way here at home with pencil and a piece of paper and once you have mastered that and are older then you may have the calculator but not now.

  4. disgusting (can you imagine the fecal matter transferred to the key board) lazy parents who plug their kids in irk me. Good luck with the next gen of ADHD kids who have had their brains rewired fro, birth for constant electronic stimulation.

  5. Really, this is just another way to make parents lazy!!! I am so tired of seeing electronics in things that PARENTS should do. I potty trained all 3 of my kids w/out any electronics. No electronics are allowed at out dinner table so we can TALK as a family!!!!!!

  6. Disgusting. As if little children need to be encouraged to touch more before they wash their hands.

  7. Teaching babies at a young age to use electronics on the toilet!?!? We sang songs and read books… However on the FLIP SIDE…This is pretty genius!

  8. Ridiculous. Potty time, for us, is seperate from playtime. It helps my daughter learn to take breaks. Plus I don’t have to worry about the tablet getting into the toilet or having to sanitize it. Blech!

  9. My daughter loves playing on my ipad. She would never leave the bathroom if I got something like this. lol

  10. Does anyone really want to be bleaching an iPad?!?!?!?! This has to have been invented by hey man – because any woman would have known that anything within 4 feet of the potty training zone would have to be bleached regularly!

  11. This Is NOT what i’m getting Zoé! Todd Brizendine & Katka Brizendine Chebenova

  12. I don’t know that I’d get one, but I’m encouraged that there enough other desperate parents for this to exist.

  13. Brilliant I can never get my toddler to sit on the potty for more than a minute it makes potty training easier

  14. Using an ipad for communication is different then plopping them down with on to occupy them essentially keeping them captive on the toilet. This is not meant for communication it’s meant for entertaining & keepi g a child in one spot. It’s ridiculous

  15. This is absurd. Why people give toddlers electronics in the 1st place is setting their kids up for having minimal attention spans and less interest in reading real books. Parents are doing their kids a disservice w/ electronics, and tv exposure for that matter, at early ages. Read WITH your kids from day 1, don’t outsource your parenting to electronics.

  16. I have an Autistic son who potty trained with out this nonsense. We read books, talked & sang same things I did w/his older sister. He was using the toilet by 3 & taught his little brother. Too many damn electronics in kids lives these days & too many lazy parents

  17. I’ve read several comments and 5 years ago, I would have agreed. But that was before my son was diagnosed with Autism. Anyone who knows a child with Autism who has a tablet as means of communication would agree this is brilliant! Potty training any child can be tough, but imagine one with Autism… A ‘normal’ child on the other hand… its a bit much.

  18. rediculous…play time on the toilet…no. they need to know what the toilet is for and i don’t think it’s for playing

  19. I thought it was a joke. If not, it’s both ridiculous & sad! Seriously people.. Kids at that age don’t even need to be playing on an iPad!!

  20. Ridiculous isn’t even the word for this! How stupid could someone be to actually design something like this?

  21. You gotta be kidding? Now you have to be entertained while taking a crap??????? This is a load of crap.

  22. The people who created are idiots. They didn’t have this stupid chair when they potty trained, n learned to “go.” If the way they were taught was good enough, it’s good enough for the little ones nowadays. People need to put down their devices n just take care of business. Don’t pass on these nasty habits to kids. That would be one unsanitary ipad!!!

  23. Oh my gawd. No way. I know men need reading material when they need to go but not kids. No way!

  24. Ridiculous! Let’s further push the next generation into disassociating with other human beings as fast as we can….

  25. It takes some children a little longer than others, if your child is 3 or older and does not have a disability of any sort, its clearly a lack of patenting and discipline which leads to unruly children who are going to have more than just problems potty training. Kids need structure and something to do outside. Starting to bribe them young on an ipad or video games for something the should be doing naturally?? That’s trouble. Dumb idea.

  26. Ridiculous. They need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

  27. This is going to far… I can see this as a tool for developmentally delayed children but for a child functioning on a normal level… smh.. it’s just to much

  28. Silly. An app and or tablet to poop? Weird! Just train your child to potty then play outside or with toys like children should!! Parent your child instead on letting your iphone parent your child

  29. ridiculous…children should not be attached to an ipad so much that they need it on the potty…shut off your electronics and take your children outside people!!!!

  30. I am potty training my daughter with the Huggies app which gives her games to play when she goes potty. I will have a potty party for her soon and we will watch videos and read books about potty training. This would cut down on clutter and probably keep her attention longer.

  31. they will never get potty trained…they will get toy trained..look out stores.

  32. ridiculious..get there do the job and get done..this is for lazy parents…and kids should not be taught they go there to read or to ply with a stinkin ipad.

  33. considering that my kid won’t sit on the potty no matter how many m&m’s I bribe her with, I’m going with brilliant for this one. I’m also requesting a corresponding app.

  34. ridiculous to some but, this was given high marks for kids with and on the autism spectrum.

  35. Ridiculous! It’s bad enough that us adult take our electronics to the bathroom with us…now they want to teach our kids that it’s OK?

  36. Never would this come in my home..we have books which my son reads if he needs to sit on the potty for a long period of time! Parents are getting more and more lazy with their children anymore. Instead of setting a timer or reading a book to them while your child is going to the bathroom they would rather have something like this that preoccupies a child’s time so it’s not “as difficult.” For the parent…Completely ridiculous not to mention pathetic!

  37. Ridiculous but brilliant! How many of us sit on the potty reading or playing on our phone!?

  38. It would keep my kids sitting on the potty longer, but it had BETTER come with iPad safe antibacterial wipes because that’s a little gross!

  39. No way! Both of my girls were late to potty train by common standards (3 1/2 & 4) and once they were ready, there was no stopping them. This is just a waste of money.

  40. yes lets teach our kids that you can not do anything without being on the phone or ipad! gahh..

  41. Jamie, They do have an adult “iPad stand” for the bathroom already, with a toilet paper holder, haha.
    I think this is silly, but at the point we are right now with potty training at my house, I’d try almost anything! 🙂

  42. I have been one of those frustrated parents & still going thru issues with him BUT I WOULD NEVER use anything like this!!! I limit my older one to about 30 mins to an hr of computer time when she does get on it!!!

  43. Ridiculous. Lol. If you are trying to get your child to sit on the potty for an extended time, stick it in front of the TV

  44. Brilliant!! I had a little one who took FOREVER to get potty trained (seriously, she was 4 1/2 years old) and we tried anything that would make her WANT to go use the potty. THIS would have definitely been on that list!!! 🙂 People who think these gadgets over over the top have never had a difficult, frustrating, and exhausting potty training experience! 🙂

  45. Ridiculous. My daughter doesn’t need a screen in front of her face every second! Focus on going potty!

  46. He only has tv or iPad for 30- min to 1 hour a day MAX we have play time and reading time …. His life doesn’t revolve around the family iPad

  47. I have been trying to potty train my 2 year old son and I’ve read books and read articles we have looked at training videos too ! All the advise in the world hasn’t helped but the moment I give him his iPad he sits there and forgets that he’s obligated to pee/ poop so far that’s the only thing that has helped him to understand : | or at least keep still long enough to pee !

  48. While I think this is ridiculous lol, my oldest daughter had GI issues starting at a very early age. Her urologist said its always best for kids to have something to preoccupy them while sitting on the toilet to prevent over straining.

  49. Ridiculously brilliant??? A little too far in my opinion. Why are we teaching our children that we have to have a device at ALL times?? I wonder when they are going to make the adult version of this product!

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