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Hi there, as an avid couponer and little space for stock, my momma tip is simple, time saving and space saving: when stocking up on meats use your marinades or dressings when re packageing. then label them what they are – this way you are sure to use stocked items and also have an easier faster dinner plus freezing meat in marinade really takes on the flavor!!!!


Lindsey L.

Growing up, we were never allowed to dry our laundry in the dryer. We would hang it out on the clothesline or on the little wooden clothes horse during the winter. Once the clothes were dry, we’d put them in the dryer with a wet wash cloth for five minutes on fluff. I always hated having to take the extra time to hang out all the clothes, but now I’m really grateful that I was taught to conserve energy whenever I can.


Yvette M.

With my Mom’s favorite motto “Money does NOT grow on trees” she taught my sister and I how to get the most out of your money several different ways. For as long as I can remember during summer months we would find all kinds of gently used things at yard sales, find deals in the paper, or shop at what we now lovingly refer to as “junk stores” (which isn’t all “junk” at all). She has always refinished furniture, recovered furniture and repurposed furniture for other things. My Mom was always thrifty, but now that I am getting all of this stuff for free with coupons she is impressed with me! :-) Thanks to sites like A Thifty Mom I am able to save, stock up, and feed my family by being frugal too.



My mother taught me well how to make something out of nothing and this still serves me well when nothing in my stockpile seems to go together and I invent new dishes to use what we have. This seems to always amaze my husband, whose comment, “This was in our cupboards?”, makes me smile and say, “yes.” Thanks for teaching me to be creative in a thrifty way mom.


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