Readers first coupon trip to Walgreens

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Wall-A-Wall Coupons left this link on our facebook page.   I wanted to share it with you because I loved her story and more important her positive attitude.  She faced empty shelves like many of you may find, yet she asked questions, stayed positive and was still able to find a few thrifty deals.  With a positive spirit and knowledge sounds like she is bound to be a couponer for the long haul!


Walgreens is located across town from where I live. Yesterday, we made a quick stop so my husband can purchase some band aids. Unfortunately, he came out and left them on the counter. Excited to make the trip back to Walgreens tonight, I decided to take my coupon binder.

I was well aware when I walked in, that I was not prepared. Nevertheless, I was convincing myself that this was part of  “learning how to coupon”.

Curiosity quickly took over me when I saw all these green tags on certain items. So, I placed my purse in the cart, un-zipped the coupon binder and started off down the first isle. In the pool of many green tags were certain white/red label tags that read 3/$10 or 2/$6. As I scanned through my binder, it dawned on me, that these were the items that I had coupons for. My excitement quickly turned sour when I noticed, the shelves were all EMPTY. Surely, there must be other items in the store that I can still get. Nope! Nada! Nothing! 😀

To make my trip somewhat worth the gas and time we were there. I decided to purchase items that I don’t think I got a good deal on. *light bulb* I guess that’s why they were still there. For the inexperienced coupon person that can’t recognize an “okay deal” from the “best deal”. Oh well, don’t be a “pooper when you can’t find your couper”

Quick Note: The cashiers at Walgreens were awesome. They were very helpful and gave me a quick lesson on the “do’s and dont’s” according to Walgreens coupon policy. I will certainly be visiting in the near future. It sounds like a Friday night date at Walgreens. Oh! I also found out that their shipments arrive Friday evenings and they stock everything up by Saturday. The weekly ads comes out every Sunday.

Here’s my finding at Walgreens:

  • 4 – 12.6 oz of Pantene Shampoos 2/$7 – $3 P&G  – $1 Register Reward=$6 for 4
  • 2 – 8.6 oz of Hershey’s Bliss White Chocolate bags – 2/$5 – 2/$1 off one bag=$3 for 2
  • 1 – 12 oz Tostito Scoop Chips – $2.49 each – $1/1 bag – $1.49
  • 1- 15.5 oz Tostito Chunky Salsa – $2.49 each – $1/1 bag – $1.49
  • 1- 2 liter Pepsi – Free when you purchase 1 bag of Tostito Chips + Tostito Chunky Salsa

Original total was $28.20……I paid $13.01 a savings of $15.00 Sorry, i forgot to include the PEPSI.


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