Thrifty and Thankful Thoughts 11/9

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Each day we will be posting  A Thrifty & Thankful Thought of the day from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25 Gratitude gift card.    For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty thoughts and tips coming!!!

I have enjoyed reading these daily, they have lifted my spirit!  I look forward to them each day, we  will share a few with you each day.  But make sure you read the comment section and read them all!

Todays Thankful Thoughts…

Holly Johnson~ I am thankful for AMAZING Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital who treated me the last 5 months when no one else would!
Ashley Miller~ I have so much to be thankful for this time of year. The biggest 2 things that have been on my mind lately is I am thankful for my health. I rarely get sick, and a girl who I went to school with was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She is only 25, and she is pregnant. That really made me think how grateful I am for my health and that I am not battling cancer at my age.  I am also so thankful for my family. Without them, I really don’t know where I would be. It’s amazing what god does in a person’s life
Terri~ I am thankful for enough in this time when so many don’t have enough. We don’t live large, and we certainly don’t have the newest, but we have enough.


Christy~ I am thankful for my beautiful children and the love and joy they bring me!
Kassandra Johnson~  I am thankful for being able to stay home with my four kids. I have a husband who is self employeed and we making it work with just one income. It’s not a lot to live on but its something I can be thankful to raising without the use of daycare. I can see them change everyday and allow myself to give them everything that I never had growing up when I was a kid.
Virginia~ I am thankful for my family and my great freinds that have always treated me like family. I am also happy to have made it through another year and to be healthy.
Jennie Meyers~ I am thankful for my family.  I love my husband, daughter, and the daughter I am carrying with my whole heart. I am so very thankful and blessed to be able to experience having chidren. I know so many women who have experienced lose over and over or can’t even concieve. I do know how they feel as I have had a m/c, but to be able to have children relly is a blessing so many nfort take for granted. Children are a gift! I am also very thankful for my parents and the rest of my family. Good luck to all!!

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