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I really love Windex! it seems to get off prints on the wall, I use it to clean bathroom counter tops with a paper towel to get rid of hair. I spray it in the microwave and let it sit and the splatters wipe of easily :) I am constantly cleaning the kitchen, that seems to be my favorite place when its clean but it gets dirty so fast!
Without a doubt, vinegar is my go-to cleaning tool! I use it to clean glass, my floors, to disinfect, everything! Using it and baking soda cleans a drain well too:-)
I hate feeling like I’m always washing laundry, so I do it all on one day. Everyone knows that if they need something for Sunday, it better be in the wash on Thursday morning! (Of course there are exceptions for accidents, sports uniforms, etc.) I wash everything one day, then fold it the next night while watching the only show I enjoy on TV. That way I don’t feel guilty about watching it every week! :) The only downside is that if anyone comes to my house on Friday, I can guarantee the basement couch is piled high with clean clothes waiting to be folded. Oh well!
I have set the timer several times for 15 minutes just to see what myself and my daughter can accomplish in such a short amount of time. My husband likes to help as well, but when he’s helping we usually set it for a half hour and then we’ll sit down and play a card game. Working together always makes cleaning so much more enjoyable.

Now if anyone could give me advice on keeping bathrooms clean without making a day of it that would be GREAT…I really can’t stand cleaning bathrooms and I have 2 1/2 to clean!!



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