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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Cleaning and Organization Tips”.  At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

My favorite cleaning tool/save is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I use it for so much in my house. Just last night I was making jello and that red dye gets and stays on everything. A normal spunge and cleaner didn’t get rid of the red mark but that Magic Eraser did the job with little effort. I have used it for years, cleaning walls, baseboards and my children’s works of art that should have been on paper!
Suave Daily CLARIFYING shampoo! It gets out the toughest stains.

Hard to believe shampoo would do this but it works!

Another use for vinegar is fabric softener. Don’t worry, your clothes wont smell bad. They’ll just be super soft.

When cleaning my carpets, I use Quik Job. This is one product I highly recomend! It has never failed me.

Pumice stone is the most amazing tool for getting the toilet bowl clean. With just a little scrubbing and it is like new!
I use commercial cleaners. They really do save money because you add small amounts to bottles of water. They clean better too so you use less. The Cleaning Center is where I get most of mine. The window cleaner, heavy duty cleaner and bathroom cleaner are only $1.95 for a 3 pack. You use those in refillable bottles so there is less waste. They have coupons all the time too!
I heard to clean your dishwasher you use one package of kool-aid lemonaide flavor, empty the pakage where the cleaner goes. It works great and makes your house smell good.
A bowl half filled with water, some lemon juice and a squirt of dish/handsoap nuked in the microwave for a minute or two loosens all the gunk and makes it so easy to wipe right off. And the new Purex laundry cyrstals rock! lol
I buy the big gallons of glass cleaner at home depot that are concentrated. They are around $8 and they last me a year or two. I also make my own homemade laundry soap. I use recipes for homemade tub cleaner which I think are better than the ones you can buy.


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