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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Cleaning and Organization Tips”.  At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

My biggest thing is I don’t like to clean on the weekends, i feel like thats my time to spend with my family. So my trick is to clean one or two rooms everyday and it doesn’t take me very long and then my weekend is free and the house is clean. The only things I have left are dishes and part of the bathroom. but if the rest is clean all I have to do is just wipe the toilet and that is an everyday thing because I have three boys (one is my hubby).

I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old that love making messes in their playroom but don’t like cleaning it up so i help them by making it into a game. They find it fun to see who can pick up the fastest them or mommy. But the rules are that everything we clean or pick up has to go in their place and not just hidden somewhere so they learn where things go. I have helped them out before just to show them where things belong.

Another trick I have found to making cleaning fun is music. I always put some type of music that I love whether just to listen to or even to dance to while Im cleaning.

Sweep and mop after the kids go to bed and then when you wake up your kitchen is clean and so is your floor and you feel like it lasts longer. My mom taught me that.

I like to use socks that have holes in them and are no longer wearable (but clean!) to slip on my hand and dust with! It works like a charm. You can just toss it in the garbage when you are done.

I also LOVE to use FelsNaptha (sp?) for ALL laundry stains. It is inexpensive to buy and works wonderfully!!
Also, vinegar is the best cleaner around!

To tackle time-consuming jobs, I break them up into very small pieces that take just a few minutes. For instance, when it comes to cleaning the refrigerator, I do one shelf at a time. It takes about five minutes. Same idea with wiping down the kitchen cabinets: just do a couple at a time. In fact, I treat just about all my big chores this way. If you have a busy schedule and can’t find big chunks of time, give yourself permission to do just a little. You don’t have to finish the job all at once. It’s very liberating to let go of the feeling that you have to complete a job once you start it.
A great idea for the little ones who shouldn’t be using household cleansers but still want to be involeved is to fill a clean spray bottle with just tap water give them a towel or paper towel and let them go to town cleaning the lower windows, sliding glass doors etc.. they will love it and feel they are helping out and doing their part and being involved. I have been doing this for years with my own kids when they were small as well as my daycare kids. Just be carefull with any tvs as they can really drowned them if it is a newer model ie flat screens.
Kristi m
My grandma shared this with my mom who in turn has always told me is that if you make your bed and do the dishes, everything else tends to fall into place. Or at least be easier to tackle. Try it. It really works. Cleaning the house without your bed made or dishes piled on the counter seems so much harder.


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