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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Cleaning and Organization Tips”.  At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

Dannette Ritzert
When I clean my bathtub/ shower I use a broom. I scrubs hard to reach places and take little effort compared to bending over in the tub. It works great and saves you from having back aches later
Aerosol hairspray removes permanant marker from just about anything. Have a 2 year old that colors on everything. Most important is that It does not harm wood. My 2 year old colored all over my wood table and some of my cabinetry. Worked like a charm. Sprayed on the hairspray and used a baby wipe to wipe it away. Does require a little scrubbing but not much.

My husbands aunt gave us the greatest gift for christmas. Is a little spendy but well worth it in my opinion. She gave us a Roomba robot vaccuum. Every night we make sure the floor is clear and then just hit the button. Vaccums the carpet for us over night. It will clean all floor types, wood, vinyl carpet. You can have it clean 1 room or just different areas, even has a spot button for if you have a spill it will clean just that area. Will not clean up liquids however. Love it.

A plumber friend once suggested I use extra fine waterproof sandpaper to remove the ring from my toilet instead of pumice stone to prevent scratching the porcelain. Works great!
I recently discovered, it’s a FREE site that organizes and motivates kids to do chores. It uses a points system and the kids earn rewards (that you set up) by doing chores. It keeps track of everything and emails you when your child finishes daily chores or is ready to cash in for a reward. My children went from whining and complaining about every little chore to literally begging me to give them more to do. My 7 year old cleaned the bathroom!



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