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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Cleaning and Organization Tips”.  At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

My ultimate goal is to have baskets/bins in my bathroom closet and keep like things together. So all the first aid stuff in one, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste in another, extra deodorant in a third, etc. That way the shelves will look nice, and we can easily find things.
I hate taking the time to match socks. My kids and husband like printed socks – all different So each laundry basket in my house has a little mesh bag attached to it. I’ve instructed my family to put their socks in the mesh bags. Then When I do the laundry the clothes and the bag with the socks go in the machine. When I pull them out all the socks are in the same place and every kids is already together and it’s easy to match.
Lisa Ballmann
I have a bagged upright vacuum and with 2 dogs- the vacuum outter bag can get an odor from the dog hair. so i took a paper coffee filter and put a tablespoon baking soda in it and a small rubberband to close it and cut the excess paper off teh top- drop it in the vacuum bag- and when i change the bag i just make a new one and drop it in.

also to save money- i look at the lunch meats that come in the plastic containers like hillshire farms as a bonus- i always have coupons for the lunch meat and when its done- i have a free small storage container- ive never had to buy those small containers yet- and they are so stackable its great- my daughter keeps her crayons in one and they dont break as much as if they were in a box.
also i too am a firm believer in teh cleaning power of vinegar- I run a cup of vinegar in my dishwasher once a month- and in my garbage disposal once a week.

I have everything labeled in small stacking pastic tubs. It keeps my closet and kids room organized. If I need a bettery, I know where to go. If my kids want to paint or used contruction paper, I just grab the tub. When I am done, it goes back in the same spot. The bonus with the tubs is if you ever have to move it is one less thing to pack and organize!
stephanie cole
My mom told me to use a mop to clean the tub. If you have a hard time bending over or just cant get around the way you used to. This is a quick and easy way to clean the tub. A sponge mop or a Libman mop works best.Just use your favorite cleaners, comet, whatever. let the mop do the reaching and scrubbing. Everyone has a mop . no purchase necessary. I f you use the libman mop you can wash the head in the washing machine when done. The’ll be no worry about transferring germs then.
Renea Bryan
The lowest cost cleaning supply I use is a vinegar and dawn dishwashing soap mix. Use and old spray bottle and mix 3/4 vinegar and 1/4 dawn. The shelf life is forever. When you need to clean a tub ect shake, squirt and clean. No $$$$$ invested and it works better than anything I have seen.
This tip doesn’t cost a penny and no real effort. I just have my husband do the cleaning =)
I had my first child this year, and as part of our spring cleaning we’re getting ready for a garage sale! It motivates me to get rid of the things I know just collect dust and my son has outgrown. Also, while i’m going through everything it reminds me of places I haven’t cleaned in a while and has given us so much more space! I love knowing that I’ll be making some extra money, too. I think this is something we’re going to do every spring, at least until my son stops outgrowing things daily! Haha

My favorite cleaning tool is a spray bottle with a Dawn/water solution. I always have one. Its a cheaper way to freshen fabric, loosen up” leftovers” that have splashed onto the stovetop, retreat small stains and on and on. If you have pets dawn is also GREAT for treating fleas. Use it instead of doggy shampoo in their bath and then spray down their bed and the sofa and carpet with a dawn water solution. It has always worked great for me, but we don’t have carpet.

I make my own laundry soap. 2 boxes Arm and Hammer washing SODA, 1 box Mule team Borax and 2 shredded bars of FelsNaptha. Makes enough to last over a year because you only use 2 TBSP per load, and the clothes come out so fresh and smell great. The cost is around $16. for the products, but actual cost is only .03 cents per load. And it makes a great cleaner for your everyday cleaning. Just add 2or3 TBSP in a spray bottle, add water and spray away to a clean and happy home. No chemicals here, just natural products.



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