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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Cleaning and Organization Tips”.  At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

My go too cleaner anymore is white vinager. It doesn’t flare up my allegries like other cleaners do and I can clean anything with it granted if I use it on floors I open a window or turn on the exhaust fan and end up rinsing the floor twice because I don’t like that vinager smell. It works great on windows and shower dooors as well (I use about 1 part vinager to 6-8 parts water depending how strong you want it) mix in spray bottle. I use it in the wash as a natural bleach. I love to use dryer sheets in my car once its clean (you know I’ve washed that funky film the inside of a windshield gets)I vac all the seats too. I take one dryer sheet (sometimes I’ll do a used dryer sheet) and lightly rub on iside of windshield keeps it clean longer. I then flip the sheet over and rub on seats seems to keep hair from sticking to them and makes them smell nice. I will then take a fresh dryer sheet cuts in thirds and put on section each in the front row of seats, back seats and in the very back and have my thrifty little air freshners (of course I love the smell of fresh washed clothes :)
20something Saver
My favorite cleaning tool is the Scotch Brite extended shower scrubby. I use Kaboom Foam tastic, wait a little, then scrub. The best part is you don’t get wet at all! Scotch Brite and Kaboom are ALWAYS giving away coupons…. check

I also love the Libman Freedom Mop. Reasonably priced with a $5 Rebate! Yahoo. : )

As I cook dinner, I have a sink with some soapy water in it so as I finish using pots and pans, I wash them right away. Then have a lot less to clean after dinner and nothing gets caked on or left for days.

When I was little, all of us kids (there were a lot of us) had a counter or space that we were in charge of. . . microwave counter, dishwasher counter, wash dishes, sweep floors, clear table, put away dishes, etc. Every night after dinner we were always supposed to do our kitchen job before anything else. We would turn on some music and we almost always were laughing and being silly while we cleaned up. Everyone knew what their job was and we rotated each Monday after dinner. That way mom gets to take a break after feeding all of us and she gets a clean kitchen out of it too!

To get blood out. Pour peroxide on the stain and cover the stain with table salt. You will actually see the salt turn blood color as it soaks up the bloodstain. I did this on a pillow case where the stain had over a month to set while waiting to be washed.
For those with children, make picking up their toys in their bed rooms a ritual right before their night prayers.
Grease stains!!! it happens all the time most of the time on our favorite clothing, but now you don’t have to throw them away :).spray with wd 40 let it sit for a few minutes to reactivate the stain. then put joy dish detergent on the stain, throw it  into the wash with the rest your clothes and the stain is gone! And you’ve just saved your favorite shirt


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