Thrifty Clearance deals at Kmart

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Saving your cents went into Kmart Friday and found some really great prices on their summer items!

Here is what she  bought…

3 pks of various water guns: $.87 each each
Party Pool w/ Seat: $5.62
3 Window Pools (multi-color w/ see through windows in the sides): $4.37 each
4 snap up pools (the ones with the hard sides: smallest boxes): $1.87 each
4 2pks of water guns @ $.18 each
1 small 3 ring pool @ $1.62
1 jump rope @ $.24
Total for all of this was ONLY $34.21. Had the items not been on sale they would have been $248.84 in regular retail!

Tip: At Kmart…be a scanner! When you see the yellow or red and white clearance stickers never assume that this is the price! ALWAYS SCAN EVERYTHING! Some of the items will ring up the advertised price but most of the time the items are cheaper!

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