Thrifty Deals into Thrifty Treats

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Are you looking for a thrifty Christmas treat idea?


One way to save money is to always think and plan ahead.  I stock up on items at their lowest price point, and use them to save my family money for months to come.   This summer I was able to get Keebler cookies at a really good price.  Both Target and Albertsons had great promos for  .50 or less a package ( normal price $2.50-$3.99 each).  I checked the sell buy date, they do not expire till Oct 2010, so I knew I had plenty of time to use them.  I wanted to show you one way to make these thrifty summer deals a great Christmas treat.
IMG_0053I used 3 packages of cookies, 1 cup of white chocolate chips and some Christmas sprinkles.


Melt the chocolate ( per melting instructions on package)IMG_0056

Dip just the tip of the cookie into the white chocolate, and place on wax paper.

I then let my daughter sprinkle them with red and green sprinkles.  Which she thought was SO much fun!

I found it was easier for me to just dip the tip into a pile of sprinkles.
We did the same think with the circle cookies as well.  Let them dry on wax paper.  These look so cute….and did not take much work at all!

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