Thrifty Deals with a Rain Check

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Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $54.72

I was able to get it for $11.98 ( rain check price ice cream coupons)


One thing you will come across as you coupon is the hot promo items being out of stock.  I have to say my local stores try hard to keep the hot items in stock, but even I run into empty shelves at the store sometimes.  If the item is a sale price and does not have a catalina as part of the promo, you can  ask for a rain check.

At Albertsons in November they had a great promo on Sarah Lee Pie, buy one and get one free plus 2 cartons of ice cream for free.  This was such a hot promo they sold out …. I simply asked for a rain check and got the sale price yesterday.  I did have  coupons that would have made this an even better deal…but they expired so I did miss out a bit.  But was still happy with my thrifty deal

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