Thrifty IPhone Speaker~ Money Saving Tip

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Thrifty IPhone Speaker~ Money Saving Tip

If your like me, you like having a smart phone; but the accessories and all of the extras that go with it can really add up.  A few years ago when I first got my husband’s hand me down Iphone, I was wanting to clean my bathroom.  I was listening to Pandora on my phone, which was sitting on the bathroom counter.  To get it out of the way, I picked it up and set it inside a glass that was on the counter.  It magnified the sound.  A lot.  I was so excited!  It has to be glass, but it is very effective.  Since then, that has been my go to method for making what I am listening to louder.  I have since been given a speaker, but honestly, I think this works just as good as the speaker I have!

thrifty iphone speaker, #iphone, #iphonetips, #iphonetricks, #lifehacks, #speaker, #glass, #thriftytips

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