Egg Roll recipe, quick and easy ~ How to make Egg Rolls at home

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Egg Roll Recipe Quick ans Easy, make them at home who knew it was so easy.  You will love this recipe and make them again anda again


You will need :

  • One package of egg roll wrappers ( found in produce section at most stores)
  • Bag of Shredded cabbage or one small head, cut into fine shreds
  • 4 green onions chopped
  • 3/4 cups celery chopped
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrots ( super fine I use a veggie peeler, to shred them)
  • 1 -2 cup cooked sausage ( I only use one cup but if you like more meat add 2)
  • 2 Tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 large egg (raw)

For the Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe click here

IMG_0902Mix above ingredients together in bowl

IMG_0903This is the brand of wrappers my local Walmart sells.

IMG_0905Add filling to the middle of the egg roll wrapper

IMG_0906Fold bottom corner up and pull towards bottom, till snug.


Fold corners in to make it look like a little envelope.  If you rub a little  water on the corners it till make them stick closed.

IMG_0910Roll up, try to keep as tight as you can.

IMG_0911Add a little water to the end to keep the flap shut

IMG_0913Do this with the whole package of wrappers

IMG_0918At this point you can deep fry, pan fry or bake them in the oven.  I pan fried them ( about a minute on each side).  We like our filling to still have a little crunch so we do not cook the veggies ( it cooks enough when pan frying) …but if you want to you can stir fry the veggie filling for about 3 minutes before you add it to the wrappers.

We like to eat ours with Sweet and Sour Sauce , wasabi  paste, and honey.  Hope you enjoy!

IMG_0923You can make these for much less then they cost premade…..and we think they are much better home made as well!


  1. Personally… i don’t use sausage.  Ground pork, or ground turkey, or chicken, beef, is cheaper and has no mystery ingredients.  But yes, be sure the meat is well cooked and drained before you use it.  I think a method I use for tacos would work… I add my raw meat to cold water and mix to a thick paste, then cook it until it’s well done, and drain the excess water (and fat). (lol I just find this way makes it easier to stuff the tacos… since the meat is much finer)

  2. I can’t actually just GIVE you the recipe.. family promise.  But, if you can cook and are a bit of an experimenter… you can come up with your own secret recipe.

    Start with pumpkin paste.  Canned, or cooked and mashed (just like what you would do with turnip.  Must be well cooked so it isn’t stringy)
    So that is still a bit thick and bland for eggroll sauce, so maybe add some water (not to much) but that’s still rather bland.  So what can we add to give the sauce that sweet and sour taste?  Maybe some vinegar?  Add water and vinegar roughly equally until the paste is as thick as you like.

    So that is pretty sour.  Maybe some sugar to sweeten it up, to your own taste?  
    Hmm so far so good.. but not quite as “snappy” as you might like?   Maybe a tiny bit of black pepper.. maybe a little more.. maybe a bit more.. until its as “snappy” as you feel it should be.

    The next bit I can just tell you outright.. I like to add just a tiny bit of finely shredded ginger root, just enough that you can barely taste it, to give it that little.. HoooHaaaa!

    If the sauce isn’t as thick as you want it, go for good old fashioned, fixes everything, corn starch.  Add cornstarch to turn it to a liquid or very thin paste, and add this until your sauce is as thick as you figure it should be.  (If it’s to thin later, just reheat and add a bit more cornstarch)

    Notice that this is NOT a recipe, just the basis of a generic sweet and sour sauce that will go good on eggrolls.  It isn’t fool proof, if you have a good idea of the taste you want and of cooking, it will work, if you dont, it wont work.  
    Sorry I can’t give specific amounts.  But to be quite honest, I never use them to make this sauce anyway.

    The best part is, if you can make this recipe, you can play with it.  Try tomato paste instead of pumpkin.  
    Try well stewed plums (skin removed)  

    You can even try pureeing a lemon, with zest (yellow part of the skin, not the white) and be sure to remove the seeds. (Now think of chicken or pork and vegetable dishes)  you can make with this!

  3. I’ve been looking for a good sweet and sour sauce recipe. If I had one, that would be what I mainly eat egg rolls with.

  4. I’m going to Bookmark this post of yours, for many reasons. I like the recipe for my husband who LOVES egg rolls & I never thought to make them, thinking it would be to hard to do but you make it easy with this great shared recipe. And…I never knew how to fold the wraps & your easy tutorial with pictures explaining how to v gives me hope to enjoy doing them now to save money. thanks!

  5. A bag of pre shredded coleslaw mix works perfectly and eliminates a lot of work.

  6. What ever kind you want… Italian or regular pork sausage (just don’t use sweet breakfast sausage)

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