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ChristineWatts ~ Even though we’re having major plumming issues, my car died, and we don’t have enough income to be able to fix either anytime soon, I am very thankful that my daughter is doing the best in school this year that she ever has, my son just learned to walk, and is saying more words every day, and that all four of us are healthy. I am also very thankful that my grandfather, who helped raise us, lived to enjoy 91 eventful years, and is no longer in pain since October 17th. I just wish we would’ve been able to afford a memorial service, because he deserved it.

Hedderlee  ~ I am thankful to journey through this life with a husband of strong character, and for four little ones that enrich us so much.

Kim D  ~ I am thankful for my family.

Littleme83 ~ I am thankful that my family has food to eat and a warm place to live because I know there are many people who don’t.

CarenSueEvans ~ I am thankful for my family, faith and friends.

Today I am thankful for my wonderful husband and adorable kids!

I am thankful that we have enough money right at this moment to have a roof over our heads for another month. My husband has been out of work for months, our finances are depleted. My wonderful 22 year old daughter with her part time job is helping with the bills and putting groceries in the cupboard. Financially we are not well, but my two daughters, my husband and I have pulled together to help each other stay positive.

Tiggzzz  ~ We are Thankful to God to be Blessed when it comes to helping others. In this time of need throughout the holidays, we are Blessed to have the funds to help many homeless people with warm jackets, thick socks, a hot meal, and blankets to help them stay alive.  Winter is upon us and we do everything to help those less fortunate. I also cleaned out my pantry and delivered it to the Red Cross to help those back east with Food, toiletries, shampoo, body soap, and so much more.

DianeCummins ~ I am grateful to a dear friend that loaned me money to buy a car. My old car wasn’t good in the winter. She is a Blessing to my children and I.

I am grateful to have recently moved to the country and out of the city, b/c of the peace and quiet.

dragonflyjen ~ Happy Sunday! Today I am thankful for 8 hours of sleep, and then turning the clocks back an hour to give me more time to prepare for my sisters baby shower!

It is pretty chilly here today, so today I am thankful for my nice warm house and fuzzy slippers!

Sandy w ~ i am thankful for my 3 4 legged little girls, evie, tressa and harley. i love them so much, they make my life possible thru all of the turmoil

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