Thrifty & Thankful Thoughts 11/3

Each day we will be posting  Thrifty & Thankful Thoughts of the day from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $50 Gratitude gift card.    For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty thoughts and tips coming!!! To share your thoughts daily enter them on the first post here.

Heddy ~ So grateful for my healthy and happy shorties!

Mom of 6 n 1 ~ Children’s Miracle Network, for everything they have done and continue to do for GOD’S special children. Our 24.5 weeker is a miracle.

BridgetAnnBritton ~ I am thankful for my internship in adoptions. I am thankful that for a moment in time I am able to help fin a child  a forever home.

Dragonflyjen ~  Thankful for my wonderful husband who adjusted his shift to go to work at 6:30 am so he can be home by 4pm when our kids get home – allowing me to go back to work full time and school nights and weekends.

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