Thrifty & Thankful Thoughts ~ 11/7

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I am thankful for the well-educated people in the healthcare industry.  They really deserve a thank you from society for making it through many years of school and providing those deserving patients with the help they need to stay healthy.  I couldn’t imagine having to go to school for so long and dedicate my life to some of the grueling tasks that they do.  God Bless healthcare professionals!

I am thankful for a loving and supportive husband and family – sometimes it seems like they are more than I deserve. The thought of life without them is too scary for words….

I am thankful for my Army Ranger husband (and father of our 4 children) who gives us someone to look up to in this sad world, someone who has real integrity and strives to be a better person every day, and never fails to tell me he loves me no matter where he is or who he is with.  Love him!

I am thankful for my daughter & my husband & my mom.

Bubsie_98 ~ Always thankful for my daughter.

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