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Now that the pool is open our kids spend everyday at the pool. They are also on the swimteam, so not only are they outside being active not watching TV and playing video games, with the kids not in the house my place stays CLEAN !!! :) It may not save money, but we have more quality time together, which means more to me then anything
You have this backwards! When my oldest kid was around 7, I would hang up a clothes line and we would hang up a sheet (with clothes pins), get all of the dress up clothes and puppets that we had (given to us or bought really cheap at yard sales) and my son and his younger sisters would spend hours putting together a show. All I had to do was sneak a peek every once in a while and then sit and relax (and nurse the baby) while taking in a “show”. It lets the kids be creative and not expect to be entertained. It also helped that we had the motto that anyone who said “I’m bored” got to do a chore.
Check out a movie at your local library. Its free and you know you have that free popcorn in your stock pile.

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