Todays Thankful Thoughts


Each day we will be posting  A Thrifty & Thankful Thought of the day from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25 Gratitude gift card.    For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty thoughts and tips coming!!!

I have enjoyed reading these daily, they have lifted my spirit!  I look forward to them each day, we  will share a few with you each day.  But make sure you read the comment section and read them all!

Todays Thankful Thoughts…

  • I am so thankful for God’s blessings on my Dad. He is 75 years old and on August 27, fell down a flight of stairs at a friend’s house. He suffered multiple brain injuries and two skull fractures. All of the doctors and nurses told us he would never be normal again and would never live indepedently again. However, today his rehabilitation doctor released him from his care! My dad walks on his own, carries on conversations, does household chores, and is set to be driving again by Christmas! I am so thankful for God’s mercy and grace on him!
  • I donated some toys today for children who won’t get much for Christmas and I am so thankful that I can be a giver instead of needing to be given too. We need to be mindful or all of our many blessings.
  • I am thankful God watches out over all of us all the time. My 3 yr old son was taking a bath and my daughter had just got through taking a shower and went to dry her hair….well she dropped the hair dryer in the bath tub. I was in the bathroom at the time, but turned around for a second to pick up laundry & heard the noise of something? I turned around to see her reaching in the tub to grab & I hollered at her so she unkowingly threw it back in the water. I ran to the tub grabbed thr dryer out of the tub. threw it in the sink & unplugged it. Nothing happened, no sparks, no tripped plug or breaker. All the while my 3 year old sat there and played happy as could be like normal. I know that only by the grace of God that we are all ok and nobody was harmed.
  • I am thankful for this website. It has been a blessing to my family by helping me save money on our food bill. I enjoy everything about it and thank you again for your time and thoughtfulness to help others even with a busy life too. God Bless you and your family!
  • I am thankful for end of the season clearance sales which allow me (on my very tight budget) to buy and plant over 200 tulip and daffadil bulbs so that in the spring, my garden will be bursting with their yellow and red beauty!
  • I am thankful to have my wonderful clients!!!! I am a hairstylist and that service is a luxury especially in an economy like we have been experiencing………
    God Bless them ALL
  • I am thankful that God led me to this blog a little over a month ago,because our insurance company has decided to stop paying for the most expensive prescription that I am on.Without learning how to use coupons my family would not make it right now.I am truly grateful for this blog!I am thankful for a wonderful hard working husband, and two beautiful little girls!I am thankful that my family was able to participate in packing shoeboxes for the children of Haiti for Christmas.I am thankful that our children have never experienced the pain and suffering that the children of Haiti are experiencing right now.When you look outside yourself you can always find something to be thankful for!My THRIFTY TIP:Take a rubber band(most of us have one lying around the house)and wear it like you would a bracelet.Every time you catch yourself complaining about something snap the rubber band against your wrist.Do this for one week,then pass it along to someone else.At the end of the week you will be more thankful for all that you have!

What are you thankful for today?

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