Toddlers dream – Construction utensils as a set or individual

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These are so much fun! Not too long ago we posted on these and every one bought them up! Now your kids will enjoy eating their food no matter what is on the plate! Our little boy loves construction and eating and combining the two is just epic! You can get the set as shown right below, or buy the individual pieces for cheaper if you just want one or two.

You can get the entire set including the construction plate. That has ramps and roads for the utensils to drive up or down to pick up the food!

5Constructive Eating 3-Piece Utensil and Matching Plate Set

Pick up the entire set with all three utensils and the specially designed plate with the raised ramps and holding pens just like a construction site that helps the toddler scoop up the food.

The entire set is on sale for as low as $32.44 and free shipping

If you want to pick up just certain items see below:

6Constructive Eating Construction Plate

Get the construction plate for as low as $14.95 and free shipping

Purchase the set of utensils by themselves and make a toddler thrilled for as low as $17.49 and free shipping

front loader toddler spoonConstructive Eating 5.75-in. Front Loader Spoon. As low as $7.02 and free shipping

Bull Dozer Pusher Toddler UtenzilConstructive Eating Bull Dozer Pusher. As low as $7.99 and free shipping

toddler fork constructionConstructive Eating Fork Lift Fork As low as $7.99 and free shipping

Looking for More Online Deals?  Click here for more  THRIFTY DEALS. Please note that Amazon prices tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.


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