Tombstone Pizza and Catalina at Albertsons

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Thanks to reader Cathy for passing this along

I went to Albertsons early this morning (before my husband went to work so I didn’t have to take my kids!) and did the Tombstone pizza deal.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a $1.00 catalina, which really sweetened the deal.  So my transactions went like this:

Transaction #1: Buy 3 tombstone pizzas for $10.50 minus the $1/3 coupon from and a doubler to pay $8.50, which equals $2.83 per pizza and got a $1.00 catalina.

Transaction #2: Buy 3 more pizzas for $10.50 minus the $1/3 and the $1 catalina from the previous transaction plus 2 doublers.  Pay just $6.50 ($2.16 per pizza) and get another $1.00 catalina back.

I thought it was a pretty good deal since we were out of frozen pizza!

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