Letters to Santa – Day one

Letters to Santa

Some of you may not know but I (Matt) have been into genealogy for a long time. Coming from a family where it was just me and my parents and my sister and two brothers, I never had cousins, or grandparents to hang out with and to visit on Christmas. One thing that stands out between me and my dad, who also does genealogy, is that he is really good with the typing, and entering of the info into list and files. Where I am good at finding the stuff I consider “fun”, like newspaper articles, photos, stories about each family member, and the most important, finding the link between my family here in America and where we came from in France. A couple  years ago while I was doing some research I came across Letters to Santa from my Aunts and Uncles about 4 -5 generations back. They all lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana and were one of the founding 50 families of Fort Wayne.

Each day this week I will be sharing some cute Letters to Santa:

“Dear Santa Clause, 

I thought I would write you a few lines as I would like to have a pair of skates number 10 and a sled. I am 11 years old. I have two brothers and a sister. My one brother would like to have a toy engine and a magic lantern. My other little brother would like to have a hobby horse and my little sister would like to have a doll and a go cart and some candy and nuts. Please do not forget me I will call at the news office and get them. My name is Floyd Barrand.”


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