Trade your old Kindle for a New Kindle plus get a bonus

Do you love your Amazon Kindle, but wish you had a new one? Why wait. Right now for a limited time you can trade your current Kindle back into Amazon and you could get a gift card for it plus get a $20 bonus just for doing it. Then you can upgrade to the next new Kindle! 

Spend your trade in credit on awesome stuff on Amazon, or use it plus the $20 bonus for a new kindle! Cant get any better then that!

trade kindle in


Trade In and Save!

Go here to learn more on how to

trade your old Kindle for a new one!


  1. I guess they are not taking kindle fire as trade ins. I Ave the 1st kindle fire

  2. That stinks. I’ll get $26.30 for mine. No reason for me to trade since it still works fine.

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